Predictive Forecasting

Predictive Forecasting

Use our proprietary forecast engine to identify and exploit patterns found in your historical and transactional sales data to identify risks and opportunities

Love & Trust your forecast

Our forecast engine will help you identify deals that may not be updated, sandbagged or need that extra attention before your sales team brings it to your attention

On Demand in the Cloud

Our proprietary engine runs in the cloud, allowing your datasets to be as large as you want. Our system can handle millions of rows and you only pay for what you use

Custom Predictive Models

Work with our team to design your data models, we can integrate data from outside your CRM to help enhance your sales efforts

Email Alerts

Get insights and alerts about deals that are risk, so you're always in the know and can take corrective actions

Understand your forecast

Never sit in a pipeline meeting again without Perfect Pipeline's forecast data, know the levers you need to pull for each deal to move it along in the sales cycle

Downloadable Results

Download your predictions to integrate the data anywhere, from your CRM system to BI to an Excel sheet.

Awesome Support

We offer unparalleled support, from day 1 you are assigned a customer success manager who is there to ensure your success

Daily & Weekly Pipeline Emails

Get snapshots of your pipeline sent to you on a daily or weekly basis allowing you to see what changed from the prior period

Easily identify opportunities at risk before your team tells you about them

Our forecast engine uses machine learning to identify deals that are at risk of not closing. Our engine looks at each deal in your pipeline and analyzes it based on your team's past performance to identify and alert you to at risk opportunities.

View your pipeline and at risk opportunities

Get alerted to deals in your team's pipeline which are at risk. At risk opportunities are flagged in your pipeline view when their probability is greater than their predicted score.

View historical changes to your pipeline

Easily view how your pipeline is changing over time with historical data tracking

View your entire team's pipeline

With our Team and Enterprise plans, you can view and track changes to your entire team's pipeline

Start trusting your forecast