Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Use our advanced machine learning technology to deliver the right leads to your sales team


Cloud Based

On-demand lead scoring based in the same safe and secure cloud that your CRM runs in. No hardware or software to install


Stack Ranking

Every lead is given a unique ranking based on that days data, always giving your reps a targeted list that changes daily based on interactions with the prospects


Full Regression Analysis

Regression models provide you with a powerful tool, allowing predictions about past, present, or future events to be made with information about your past or present lead interactions

Our Technology

To score a lead, our proprietary engine gathers information about your leads directly from your CRM system in order to determine whether they're appropriate to sell to. Information about a lead's activities, demographics or areas of interest all come into play when figuring out whether that lead would be interested in your company's products or services

We create a unique profile of your sales cycle based on the historical successes and failures of your sales team. Our algorithm detects correlations among your data to help your sales team prioritize their efforts and sell to the best prospect at just the right time.


  • We use your data to build your model, ensuring your models match your sales cycle
  • Scoring based on Sales Rep abilities and specialties.
  • Designed for BDRs, SDRs and Inside Sales teams
  • Proactively recommends the highest probability leads